Tender 250 gm scotch fillet steak w gravy, chips, salad $29

Duck Breasts with vegetarian fried rice & local mango $29

Lamb Shanks w rosemary sauce & smashed potatoes & peas $29

Grilled lobster tail w Greek lemon dressing on a bed of seafood salad , lemon wedge $29

Pork Spareribs w gravy n smokey topping & smashed potatoes & peas $29

Chicken Parmigiana w ham, salsa & cheese, chips & salad $24

Oysters Kilpartrick w bacon, sauce, 6 oysters, toasted bread $

BURGER n BEER  $15  ( or wine or drink)

Beef  w egg  & kaleslaw , tomato & relish

Crumbed Chicken  w egg  & kaleslaw , tomato & relish

Vegetarian  w grilled  haloumi , slaw with Greek dressing, tomato

Okonomiyaki  Japanese Seafood w horseraddish kaleslaw , seaweed , pickle, bbq sauce

Egg n Cheese w haloumi, frittata patty , kaleslaw , bbq sauce

Bucket of Unpeeled prawns, tartare & lemon $12

Battered Barra & Prawns 2  w lemon, tartare $12

Basket of fries, sour cream & sweet chili sauce $10

Indonesian Nasi Lemak, fried rice, egg, sambal , tomato, kaleslaw, cucumber, pickle

Pasta Penne Proven├žale w vegetable & mushrooms in a thick tomato salsa sauce & cheese topping

Basil Pesto Penne w cheese topping

Curry Tikka Masala with selection of chick peas, carrots, potato , celery ,onion

* Please place your order before 7:00pm